Because the University has implemented a vaccine requirement for 教师, 将在校园内的教职员工和学生, 建议进行面对面的小组会议(五次或更少). 更大的小组会议(超过六个人)可以面对面或虚拟进行, 取决于组的大小, and meeting space where the gathering will take place. While there are no physical distancing requirements, 建议参与者之间至少有3英尺的距离, 只要有可能, 应遵守所有个人防护装备(PPE)安全指南.  

The University has worked to facilitate the meeting preferences of each campus 组织. Meetings can be conducted via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, 特别是当大型会议室无法容纳大型团体会议时. 微软团队有一个“电话”功能来方便传统的电话呼叫. 此外,使用微软团队和缩放功能更安全的大学.


What is the appropriate social/physical distancing requirement between students in classrooms where in-person instruction will occur and in other in-person academic meetings and settings?

Consistent with District of Columbia guidance for school settings, the University does not have a social distancing requirement, but has implemented a social distancing recommendation, 为BG大游的利益相关者在建立课堂导向时提供他们需要的灵活性. 

Because the University has implemented a vaccine requirement for 教师, 将在校园内的教职员工和学生, while there are no physical distancing requirements, 建议学生之间至少有3英尺的距离, 只要有可能. 各部门努力促进在教室和其他空间保持3英尺的社交距离.  


具体地说, in what situations and to what extent will meeting/classroom capacities be reduced from their designed capacity?

在包括房间配置在内的几种情况下,已经进行了设计能力的削减, ventilation in the room and surrounding area, options available for alternative instruction (hybrid, 远程), 等.  

Will 教师 in “high risk groups” be able to collaborate with their department chairs and deans to determine the feasibility of teaching remotely?

可能免疫功能低下的教员, or those who have qualifying health conditions, may request reasonable accommodations through the Office of Human 资源. 沟通可以直接与女士. 米歇尔·查普曼 eeo@BG大游官网.edu. 进一步 instructions can be found on the HR website: http://hr.library.directorioinformatica.com/eeo  


Are classrooms and other facilities being sanitized? 这种情况多久发生一次? 是否有检查程序? Who is responsible for conducting these inspections?

The Physical Facilities 管理 team (PFM) at BG大游 plays a vital role in ensuring a clean environment to enhance the health and safety of the University community. 除了环境服务工作,将由PFM和汤普生设施的工作人员进行, all University stakeholders play a vital role in helping the PFM staff in maintaining a clean campus environment. 作为建筑物和场地维修计划的一部分,PFM采取了下列措施:  

  • Continued and increased cleaning frequencies in buildings campus-wide and improve efficiency and effectiveness of microbial cleaning by utilizing electrostatic misting units  (Clorox 360) to combat COVID-19. 
  • Implementation of site cleaning and disinfection guides and frequencies for common areas and high touch surfaces targeting building entrances, 卫生间, 健身区域, 休息的房间, 会议室, 走廊, 电梯, 楼梯和其他过渡空间. Increase the frequency of cleaning high touch areas will include door handles, 电梯按钮和扶手. 
  • 额外的EVS流程培训和教育,特别是高乐氏360流程. 
  • 在校园内公共和交通繁忙的地方部署洗手液站, 包括出口点, 健身设施和高触控门.  We will continue to deploy mobile hand sanitizing stations as the need arises. 
  • Ensuring that supply of material is on hand to include stands, 安装在墙上的分配器, 还有充足的洗手液. 
  • Increased use of touch free amenities: doors, 水龙头, 灯, 分配器, 垃圾容器, 自动马桶和小便池冲水. 
  • Implementation of additional public health infographics throughout campus. 
  • Higher frequency of changing of air filters, increased percentage of outside air and maintaining positive building pressure. 
  • For facilities that have been shut down for a prolonged period of time, 学校正在确保所有通风、供水系统和设施的安全使用, 每个疾病预防控制中心指导. 
  • Special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of all elevator surfaces due to their heavy usage and confined area. 所有垂直表面,包括内外门和控制面板正在消毒.  
  • Normal detail cleaning and disinfection procedures for cleaning research labs. 至少, all floors should be completely swept and or dust mopped, 然后用机器擦洗或用中性地板清洁剂湿拖地. Disinfectant will be applied to all light switches and door handles, and empty trash receptacles and replace liners. 

Please be mindful that disinfectants should NOT be sprayed directly on control panels to avoid possible electrical shock. 消毒剂不应直接喷洒在电子设备上,可能造成不可逆的损害.  

在教学楼内移动教师、学生和工作人员的规程是什么? How many persons should occupy 电梯 and stairwells?

Elevators have been marked designating physical spacing. Designations regarding stairwells for ascent and descent are reliant upon the infrastructure of the buildings and if there are sufficient stairwells for this classification.  

Elevator guidance is posted at each elevator on campus. If there is an elevator that has been overlooked, a building manager can assist with posting clear signage. 损坏的标识也可以更换. 

What is the specific criteria used to determine if there is a facility infrastructure issue that would prevent in-person instruction? And who makes the determination whether a facility infrastructure issue exists?

识别和确定设施基础设施的问题是与每个学术部门合作完成的, the registrar and Physical Facilities 管理 (PFM).  

Facility infrastructure issues include circumstances whereby a room or building necessary for instruction to take place is not available, 正在翻新的, 或因其他原因不适合教学,无法提供可供选择的教室. This determination is made in conjunction with PFM, 教务长办公室, and the Office of the Dean in each school or college. 

如果需要仲裁员, the final call on whether a space is unsuitable for teaching rests with the Office of the 教务长 and the Office of the Chief Operating Officer.  

通过BG大游通常的沟通渠道,通过提交工作订单,PFM收到设备问题的通知. Larger scale issues are communicated through a divisional building manager.  所有设施的工作外包BG大游官网第三方供应商,汤普生设施服务.  如果Thompson不能在公司内部执行工作单,另一个第三方供应商就会参与进来.  

窗户不能打开吗, 再加上通风不良, meet the criteria for a facility infrastructure issue?

通风的地方, 而无法打开的Windows可能符合基础设施挑战的标准, and accommodations can be made to support a change in course modality if there are no alternative options regarding reassignment of the classes.  

Typical facility infrastructure problem would mean that there is no classroom that can accommodate the number of students registered for the course or there is inadequate ventilation for the volume of students assigned to a classroom. 

How is a determination of “adequate ventilation” reached? 这种确定多久发生一次? 建筑物的空气是否得到净化? What type of filtration systems are in place? Who is responsible for measuring air quality and how often?

Air changes per hour (also known as “outdoor air changes per hour” or ACH) is the rate at which the air in a space is completely recycled. ACH越高, 空气循环越频繁, reducing the potential risk that a person in that space could inhale viral particles and potentially get infected. 到目前为止, there is no official recommendation from the EPA on the ideal ACH to dramatically reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19. That’s because it depends in part on a few unknowns – such as how many viral particles an infected person spreads or how many can make an exposed person sick.

大学的反应, 就像其他商业场所一样, and in accordance with CDC recommendations, has developed a multi-faceted response to improve air quality and provide adequate ventilation to each building, the sum of which work to improve the ACH factor and in turn reduce viral particles of any kind in the air at any static moment in time. 空气质量测量由环境健康与安全(EHS)进行. These are conducted quarterly and can be requested more frequently based upon circumstances (potential exposure, 等.). 在校园, upgraded HVAC filters have been installed in all buildings where possible, 在进行翻新的建筑物中,通风系统已经升级. We have also purchased portable air purifiers to improve air quality, and installed ultraviolet light systems to combat COVID-19. 

Vaccines, Testing, and Other COVID-19 Safety Protocols

大学如何得知本校学生是否已接种疫苗? Is there a policy in place to check vaccination cards to ensure this?

The Office of the Dean will receive updates regarding which students are cleared to be on campus and registered in courses. This information will be shared with the administrative leaders. 教师 and students with approved medical and religious exemptions are permitted 在课堂环境中 and must adhere to all public health protocols. 另外, 更强大的功能被纳入到BisonSafeBG大游程序,以说明疫苗状态. Individuals who have not been vaccinated or have an approved exemption will not have a visual clearance indicator from the app to be on campus. 

当疫苗接种卡的合法性受到怀疑时,BG大游会对其进行检查. 这是很罕见的,需要联系接种疫苗的地方确认. Any fraudulent submission is subject to disciplinary action.

校园内是否需要佩戴N95/KN95口罩? Will these masks be made available to 教师, students, and staff?

Usage of masks is required indoors on campus, 在课堂环境中, shared office spaces and other areas where groups may congregate. Mask usage is also required outdoors in group settings. BG大游购买了各种口罩,市面上有,包括N95/KN95. We have generally reserved those N95/KN95 for health professional students, 在临床环境中需要这种口罩的教职员工. We will also make K95/KN95 available to other 教师 and staff upon request, 基于它们的可用性. 进一步, 外科口罩和布口罩已被证明能有效降低COVID-19的风险, we will continue to provide a range of masks to 教师, 教职员工和学生. 预防COVID-19感染和严重疾病的最有效手段是接种疫苗. Because the University has implemented a vaccine requirement for 教师, 将在校园内的教职员工和学生, BG大游希望校园里有一个更安全的环境. 

If students refuse to wear masks properly during class, 教这门课的教员应采取什么适当的行动? 当学生在课堂外不遵守口罩规范时,教师应如何处理?

The University’s requirement that students, 教职员工在室内佩戴口罩, and outdoors in group settings has been communicated to students repeatedly. These measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of the community. Failure to comply with University and public Health guidelines constitutes a violation of the University’s Student Code of Conduct and could result in sanctions up to and including expulsion from the University. 教师 are advised to remind students of the mask mandate, as necessary. 如果学生拒绝服从, 教师 should not engage with them confrontationally, 但应通过适当渠道报告违反学生行为准则的事件. 

如果学生COVID-19检测呈阳性, what processes does the University follow to quarantine the student and prevent transmission to others on campus? 一个阳性的检测结果会对生病学生参加的课堂会议产生怎样的影响?

如果学生测试呈阳性, the results will be reported to the respective schools’ student affairs representatives in light of the public health risks and the safety of the University community. Students who test positive must obtain clearance for return to class/campus from the Student Health Center prior to return. 他们还将在BisonSafeBG大游程序中有一个视觉指示器,表明他们不被允许进入校园, 随着功能的合并. 

Undergraduates who are in quarantine will be tested upon entry of quarantine and retested seven days after the date of exposure (or consistent with public health guidance at the time). 研究生, 教师, 在工作场所/校园接触过的工作人员将在入境时进行隔离检测, while remaining consistent with public health guidance. 不管他们的测试结果是否为阴性, they will be required to complete the required quarantine period, 根据疾控中心的最新指导. 

Potentially impacted classrooms will undergo an extensive cleaning protocol, 包括使用静电喷雾装置(高乐氏360)抗击COVID-19.  

如果一名教师的COVID-19检测呈阳性,大学将遵循什么程序? And how will this positive test result impact in-person class meetings?

如果员工的检测结果呈阳性,他们的主管将被通知他们下班了. 员工 must secure clearance to return to work from their primary care practitioner prior to returning to campus. School/College administrators will implement the contingency plan outlined by each 教师 member regarding class. This may include conduct of the course by another 教师 member, 无论是面对面的还是虚拟的, until the original 教师 coordinator is cleared for return to the classroom.  As we incorporate the additional functionality in the BisonSafe app, 指示牌会显示“未获批准进入校园”,直至获批准为止.